As one of the leading specialists in reclaiming church interiors we come across lots of interesting and varied items. This is a collection of items we think, with a bit of imagination and a little bit of work, could make a perfect project piece. 
We are also happy to discuss carrying out the work for you so don’t hesitate to get in touch. 
Antique Screen
Antique Screen
Antique Screen

Glass Screen Stock Code SLV0036 

Really lovely glass and wooden screen. The glass is in perfect condition with a really pretty design. 
To Follow 
Price £350 
Antique Reredos

Reredos Sides/Display Boards Stock Code SLV0035 

These pieces originally would have been either side of the reredos below (stock code SLV0034). If painted with a black board paint they could be used as beautiful and eye catching menu/display boards.  
Height 2590 mm 
Width 760 mm 
Depth 190 mm 
Price £250 each 
Antique Reredos
Antique Reredos
Antique Reredos

Antique Reredos Stock Code SLV0034  

Absolutely stunning carved reredos. The left side reads "I am and bread" and the right, "I am the true vine." 
Height 1955 mm 
Width 2330 mm 
Depth 100 mm 
Price £1200 

Church Organ Stock Code SLV0032 

Organ facade pictured here in the church it came from. It's roughly 14 foot high and 8 foot wide. More details to follow. 

Large Decorative Wood Carvings (Pair) Stock Code SLV0017 

A pair of large wood carvings originally part of the decoration of a church organ. These splendid chunky pieces require a little imagination to repurpose their use. 
Height 420 mm 
Width 640 mm 
Depth 250 mm 

Carved Oak Fireplace Stock Code SLV007 

Wonderfully ornate carved oak fire surround. Would need a little work maybe the addition of a mantel shelf. 
Height 2430 mm 
Width 1530 mm 
Depth 110 – 180 mm 

Neo Gothic Screen Stock Code SLV002 

This Screen was removed from a church in two sections and would make an excellent partition in a shop, restaurant or even to create a corridor in an open plan room. 
Height 2250 mm 
Width 1270 mm & 1780 mm 

Yellow Pine Doors with Scumble Finish Stock Code SLV006 

Pew doors with the original 1920’s scumble glaze intact. Salvaged from a church in Caernarfon each door comes with the two oval hinges and a slide lock. We have 50+ of these doors available and would be ideal for a project. Please inquire for a bulk purchase deal 
Height 610 mm 
Width 440 mm 
Depth 30 mm 
Price £25 each 
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