Antique Reredos

Run of Pine Gothic Panels Stock Code P0042 

.Lovely run of gothic panels in pitch pine frames with a lighter pine panel. Once used as the gallery front to an organ loft these panels can be used for many applicatons, eg bar front, shop counter, dado panels etc. 
There are 2 short sections along with 1 long section. 
Long panel 
Length 3000 mm 
Height 900 mm 
2 short sections each, 
Length 1600 mm 
Height 900 mm 
Price £1000 
Antique Reredos

Exquisite Gothic Panel Stock Code P0041 

This really is a wonderul panel. The attention to detail is amazing. Each rosette in the centre of the quatrefoils and at the tips of the gothixc arches is carved differently depicting various symbolic items such as holly, ivy. vine. oak the list goes on . 
Width 1400 mm 
Height 850 mm 
Price £600 
Antique Reredos

Wrought Iron Railings Stock Code P0040 

Beautiful wrought iron railings with gates in a mixture of Gothic and Arts and Crafts styles. Originally they were set up as a pair of gates with the long sections flanking either side. There is also a spare panel. 
Dimensions . 2 sections @ 
Length 2600 mm 
Height 1000 mm 
Gates 2 @ 
Width 1000 mm 
Height 1000 mm 
Spare panel 
Width 1000 mm 
Height 1000 mm 
Total run length 8000 mm including spare panel 
Price £800 
Antique Reredos

Set of 4 Oak Gothic Panels Stock Code P0039 

Four matching gothic panels that were originally pew backs in a set of choir pews of high quality and these are the surplus once the others were rebuilt. Great run of over 8 metres in typical Victorian gothic style. 
Dimensions . 4 panels @ 
Length 2120 mm 
Height 800 mm 
Total run length 8480 mm 
Antique Reredos

Break Fronted Gothic Panel Stock Code P0037 

Stunning oak panel with a break fronted centre section that protrudes out from the rest of the panel in a curve. Super quality vine leaf and grape carvings around the top with gothic panels flanking either side. 
Width 2000 mm 
Height 1650 mm 
Depth 230 mm 
Price £750 
Antique Reredos

Tall Oak Panel Stock Code P0036 

Good quality oak panel with a touch of gothic detail at the top of each post.  
Width 1270 mm 
Height 2000 mm 
Depth 120 mm 
Price £250 
Antique Reredos

Turned Balustrade Stock Code P0035 

Great run of turned balustrade panels made from pitch pine with a hardwood handrail atop. The two short sections act as returns each side of the long run and have a lovely cuved handrail. 
2 short retun sections  
Length 1400 mm each 
Height 660 mm 
Long section 1  
Length 2400 mm 
Height 660 mm 
Long section 2 
Length 2000 mm 
Height 660 mm 
Total length approx 7 metre run 
Price £350 
Antique Reredos

Pair of Poppy Head Frontals Stock Code P0034 

Pair of great quality free standing poppy head frontals 
Dimensions each 
Length 2670 mm 
Depth 295 mm 
Height 1470 mm 
Antique Reredos

Pair Of Pine Panels. Stock Code P0033 

A pair of panels that orginally flanked either side of a matching pulpit front, which is over on our pulpit page. Good quality pitch pine used in their construction along with the usual top quality Victorian joinery. 
To Follow 
Antique Reredos

Large Mosaic Nativity Scene Stock Code P0032 

High quality Mosaic Nativity Scene circa 1920's. This beautifully detailed mosaic scene is made from a mixture of glass and painted ceramic tiles. Comprised of three pieces that fit together with overlapping tiles to hide the join. When restored the piece will appear as one uninterrupted scene. The overlapping pieces are safely stored and available.  
Please contact us about this unique item 
Over all length 2520 mm (2.5 meters) 
Height 1140 mm  
Depth 30 mm 
Left panel Middle panel Right panel 
Length 880 mm Length 620 mm Length 1020 mm 
Height 1140 mm Height 1140 mm Height 1140 mm 
Price £1800 
Antique Reredos

Pair of arts and crafts style pew fronts Stock Code P0031 

Pair of oak frontals from around 1900 depicting sublte arts and crafts features including the very narrow tongue and groove boards and carved quatrefoil on the end. 
Dimensions each 
Length 3430 mm 
Depth 240 mm 
Height 790 mm 

Neo Gothic Screen Stock Code P0011 

This Screen was removed from a church in two sections and would make an excellent partition in a shop, restaurant or even to create a corridor in an open plan room. 
Height 2250 mm 
Width 1270 mm & 1780 mm 
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