Antique Frontals
Antique Frontal
Antique Frontal
Antique Frontal

Pair of Frontals Stock Code P0026 

We have two of these beautiful decorative frontals available.  
They are a great gothic revival style with gothic arches in plentiful supply. The carvings in the ends are fantastic and you have to admire the craftmanship as the wide grain in pitch pine is very difficult to carve compared to the more commonly carved tight grained oak that we usually find in churches. These would suit being used as they are for partitions, or perhaps modified to be used as wall panels or bar/shop counter fronts. 
Height 1000 mm 
Length 4140 mm 
Depth 250 mm 
Price £450 each 
Antique Panel

Pitch Pine Panel Stock Code P0025 

Great pitch pine panel, lovely condition. 
Once part of a church organ that had been shipped off to a new home in Poland. Could be used as a room divider or fixed direct to the wall. Perhaps a few coat hooks could be added to create a one off piece! 
Height 1540 mm 
Length 1940 mm 
Depth 30 mm 
Price £180 
Antique Balcony Front

Balcony Front Stock Code P0024 

Stunning 20 foot long piece of balcony, absolutely perfect for a bar or counter front. It's currently in two pieces for ease of movement. 
Price £1200 reserved 
Antique Oak Panel
Antique Oak Panel
Antique Oak Panel

Oak Panel (Matching P0022) Stock Code P0023 

Really lovey oak panel in great condition. It matches the pair of panels below so could be used together in a larger project. 
Could be used as a room divider or a feature wall panel. It was originally up high on a wall above a pew so could be refitted like that too. 
Height 4220 mm 
Length 1550 mm 
Depth 90 mm 
Price £500 
Antique Oak Panel
Antique Oak Panel
Antique Oak Panel

Pair Of Oak Panels Stock Code P0022 

We have a pair of these really beautiful oak panels. In perfect condition. Photographs of the panels in the church available on request. The dimensions are per piece. 
Yet again these could look amazing on a wall used as dado height panels or incorporated into a bar or shop counter. 
Height 840 mm 
Length 3830 mm 
Depth 70 mm 
Price £440 each RESERVED 
Antique Panel
Antique Panels
Antique Panel

Arts and Crafts Frontal Stock Code P0020 

We have 2 pieces of this pierced arts & crafts style panel. 
3400mm Long 
2200mm Long 
Price £350 for both 

Oak Choir Pew Front Stock Code P0016 

Stunning golden oak choir pew front. Could be used as a bar front or room divider. It came from a church in Liverpool and is roughly 1910-1920s. It has four carvings on the ends (one on each end inside and out) with each being slightly different. Two of the carvings depict a ships keel so it possibly has maritime affiliation. The other carvings show vine and oak leaves which is quite typical in churches and, the carvings along the front include long branches all the way along. 
Height 1030 mm 
Length 2060mm 
Depth 365 mm 

Carved Oak Panels Stock Code P0012 

A set of seven very high quality late Victorian oak panels. Six have been painted in gold paint with one painted green, as seen in the second picture. 
Dimensions (Per Piece) 
Height 2070mm 
Width 310mm 
Depth 10mm 
Price £195 each (6 panels left) 
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